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Oct 25, 2013 | Posted in Step 2: Planning To Quit?

You’ll probably start to feel better physically soon after you stop smoking. And with good reason — you are physically better! Here are just a few of the positive changes that take place when you stop smoking:

A few hours after you stop smoking

your carbon monoxide levels fall to normal and the oxygen in your blood increases.

One day after you stop smoking

your risk of a heart attack starts to go down.

Two days after you stop smoking

your nerve endings start to repair themselves, so your senses of taste and smell begin to return to normal.

Two weeks after you stop smoking

your lungs are working 30% better than they did before you quit.

You Start Getting Healthier — And Wealthier — On Your Very First Day As A Non-smoker.

That’s Because:

  • Your blood pressure and heart rate are no longer artificially elevated.
  • Your risk of smoking-related heart disease drops 50% in your first year as a non-smoker, and your risk of lung cancer decreases steadily.
  • Quitting smoking will often lead you to other healthy behaviors such as exercise and improved eating habits. Many ex-smokers find that living a healthier lifestyle becomes a positive addiction!
  • Quitting smoking will save you money. Just look at the numbers for a pack-a-day habit: $5.51 X 365 = $2,011.15
  • And the cost of cigarettes is going up, not down. Think of it as a bonus — and a double bonus if you’re at two packs a day: $5.51 X 365 = $2,011.15 X 2 = $4,022.30!

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