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Tips and Recipes for Healthy Living

  • Cauliflower Steaks with Sweet Pepper Sauce

    These sassy “steaks” are served with a colorful, low-fat sauce that’s simple to make, but full of robust flavor. Steaming the cauliflower heads ahead of time, cuts down on baking, making this a nice entrée for a weeknight meal.

    Posted 03.30.15

  • Roasted Garlic Cheddar Sweet Potato Burgers with Avocado Ranch

    Whoa, that’s a mouth full.

    A delicious mouth full.

    Really, that title should actually read Roasted Garlic Chipotle Cheddar Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers with Avocado Ranch……

    Posted 03.23.15


RCC News

  • Spa Day Registration Begins Today

    Registration begins today for our 4th Annual Spa Day event. We are pleased to be able to continue this special event that is designed to pamper YOU with free services provided by local salons and vendors.

    Posted 04.01.15

  • Today is National Doctors' Day

    Carole Hunink is not shy about expressing her appreciation for the care she received at The Regional Cancer Center under the direction of Dr. Jan Rothman. She even goes so far as to say “he is the most important and revered man in my life besides my husband and sons.”

    Posted 03.30.15

  • How Exercise May Aid Cancer Treatment

    In a new study involving mice, aerobic exercise slowed the growth of breast cancer tumors and made the cancer more sensitive to chemotherapy. The results raise the possibility that exercise may change the biology of some malignant tumors, potentially making them easier to treat.

    Posted 03.26.15

  • Complementary Therapies Can Boost Survival in Cancer Patients

    A large percent of cancer patients use some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), typically with the goal of relieving pain and controlling the adverse effects of disease or treatment. A new review of evidence drawn from experimental and epidemiologic studies, as well as a few clinical trials, demonstrates that several of the integrative approaches and lifestyle changes might also influence cancer survivorship.

    Posted 03.24.15

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