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Common Concerns

Oct 24, 2013 | Posted in Step 1: Are You Ready To Quit?

“If I quit now it will probably be too late.”

It’s never too late! Your body has a great capacity to fix itself. Within a year, your risk of smoking related heart disease will be cut in half. There is increasing evidence that no matter how long you’ve smoked, quitting reduces your risk of developing coronary heart disease, getting lung cancer, or having a stroke.

“If I quit I will gain weight — so I will just be trading one health problem for another.”

People who quit gain less than 10 pounds on average, if they gain at all. However, being a few pounds heavier for a while has nowhere near the risk to your health as continuing smoking! You will find some suggestions for controlling your weight later.

“Quitting is just too hard.”

Quitting is hard. However, 40 million Americans have done it, including 13 million heavy smokers! You can too!

“I have tried to quit, and could not.”

Some people quit on their first try, but many do not. Most ex-smokers had to try more than once to quit.

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