Regional Cancer Center ~ Erie, PA

“When you give of yourself, your kids see it.”

Volunteer - Wilma “Willie” Rahner

“When you give of yourself, your kids see it.”

Millcreek homemaker Wilma “Willie” Rahner still had kids at home in 1991, but she signed on to a new volunteer gig anyway after learning of the need for volunteers at the Regional Cancer Center.

“When you give of yourself, your kids see it,” said Rahner, 77, an active community volunteer. “So now we have kids who do a lot for other people, very quietly. But it doesn’t happen if they don’t see it.”

Known as “the cookie lady” to the RCC staff because of the home-baked goodies she brings them, Rahner sometimes shares those cookies with patients or family members. “Sometimes on my way in, if I see someone who looks like they could use a cookie, I give them one,” she said.

While she shares her time, her pleasantries, and her cookies at the RCC, what Rahner takes from it, she said, “is an appreciation for your own good health, because you just never know.”

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