Newly Diagnosed

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Have you recently received a cancer diagnosis?

For area residents with cancer or blood disorders, expert care begins close to home with The Regional Cancer Center.

Learning that you have cancer can come as a shock. You have just been told you have a serious disease and are facing a battle. This is a battle different than any other. Give yourself time to adjust. Ask for help in whatever way you need. It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, especially at first.

Work with physicians you trust. Ask for recommendations from the doctor who found your cancer. Keep asking questions until you feel satisfied and comfortable with your care plan. Cancer patients need to be comfortable with their care, their doctor and the treatment they are receiving.

For many people, the first few weeks after diagnosis are very hard. People with cancer and those close to them experience a wide range of feelings and emotions. This is normal. Talk about your feelings as best as you can. Learn as much as you can about your cancer. Ask questions. Work closely with your doctors, clinical and support teams so they can help you through this challenging time.

Your involvement in treatment and treatment decisions is important. At The Regional Cancer Center you can be sure that the community of caregivers will have your wellbeing at the center of the work they do. Questions are encouraged. Clinical treatment is accompanied by personal care, human support and empathy.

The team of support professionals at The RCC helps patients work through both clinical and personal challenges that may come about during their cancer experience. We are your partner in determining what is best for you on your cancer journey.