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Regional Cancer Center has made it even easier for you to communicate with us through myRCC, our online Patient Portal. myRCC offers you a secure, convenient and personal way to manage your care and communicate directly with center staff. This secure website offers many convenient features that can save you time and keep you closer in touch with RCC resources.

This is a free resource to RCC patients. Login

The following features are now available on myRCC.

Myrcc Appointment

Ask a Question About an Appointment

Ask questions about your upcoming appointments, like what you need to bring with you or how long your appointment is expected to last.

Myrcc Nurse

Ask a Nurse

"Ask a Nurse" is for NON-URGENT questions only. If you are not feeling well, please call our office.

Myrcc Prescription

Prescription Renewal

Log in to myRCC to request your prescription renewal. We will send you a message when your request has been completed.

Tip: Using the Medfusion Mobile App on your smart phone or tablet will save you a few clicks!

Myrcc Billing

Ask a Billing Question

Ask questions specific to a bill you've received.

Myrcc Records

Request a Medical Report

Click on "Request a Medical Report" in myRCC to submit your request.

Example: Please send a copy of MRI report I had done in Dec. 2015 at Hamot Hospital ordered by Dr. Symes.

Our Medical Records department will send a PDF attachment to the secure portal and will notify you by email when it is ready to be viewed in myRCC.

Myrcc Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

Pay your RCC bills online easily through myRCC.

Myrcc Insurance

Ask an Insurance Question

Ask questions about your insurance coverage, like if your treatments and tests are covered by your insurance.

Myrcc Summary

Clinical Summary

A "Clinical Summary" is available a few days after your appointment with a physician or midlevel provider at RCC. The summary includes your medication list, allergies and a list of your diagnosis during your care at RCC.*

*Please note that we assign a variety of clinical codes to provide information to those involved in your care and to your health care insurance to identify the reason for a specific test or assessment. Some of these codes or diagnosis may seem new or difficult to understand, especially for those situations when a test is ordered to determine that you do not have a specific condition. If you have questions regarding the information in the Clinical Summary, please send us a note through the Patient Portal or ask us at your next office visit.