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Aug '16 The Joy of Reading

Mallory Rearic and daughter, Kylee Hollenbeck, recently donated 150 books to The Regional Cancer Center for patients and caregivers to enjoy. After discovering the many benefits of couponing, the family spends their mornings cutting coupons and searching for the best deals. They found a local chain store that would be discarding the books as the titles were no longer relevant and popular. So using the gift of couponing and matching deals, the family was able to purchase the books at a steal.

The family has used couponing to gain other items in order to donate to charity. Rearic says, “As we find more deals, we will continue to share with our community.” She hopes these lessons in spending wisely and donating to others will teach her children about kindness, love, and sharing. 

The Joy Of Reading

Pictured left to right: Krissy Lane- RCC Foundation Coordinator, Kylee Hollenbeck, and Jeff Schwindt-RCC Maintenance