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Donations to the Regional Cancer Center Foundation contribute to the health and treatment experience of patients at the Regional Cancer Center, implementing and continually improving community cancer wellness and educational programs, treating patients unable to pay for care they need, and generally supporting the greatest needs of the RCC.

Our donations come from grateful patients, community organizations and special events, memorial donations honoring loved ones, planned gifts through life insurance and estate plans and private donors like you.

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For more information about Regional Cancer Center’s Foundation please contact RCC at (814) 838-9000

RCC Foundation Annual Report Donor Listing

Annual Report Pic

We thank the many donors to the RCC Foundation this past year in our annual report now available for download here The Foundation serves RCC in a supportive role, raising funds to ensure an extra level of excellence in care and treatment experience for the patients in the Erie region. Together we can do more for local patients!

Some of our center's most recent program and service enhancements include:

Ct Scanner Small

New CT unit: RCC is now using an Optima CT580 W, a cutting-edge computed tomography (CT) system from GE Healthcare. One of the many features of this unit is dose-reduction technology. The scanner uses a powerful X-ray tube, creates high-resolution images, and has the ability to scan the anatomy from head to toe without compromise. Scans performed on this CT are also done extremely fast, allowing for shorter breath holds and more comfortable patient exams.

Clinical Trials Small

3 New Clinical Trials: In the last year, RCC opened three new clinical trials to patients in the Erie region. All patients are screened for possible enrollment in clinical trials coordinated through our research department. Research nurses, working with treating physicians, identify opportunities and present options to patients for consideration.

Exam Room Small

Updated Exam Rooms: Our patient exam rooms – in most ways unchanged since the Center’s founding in 1987 – have been renovated. In addition to modern furnishings, the rooms are now much more accessible by wheelchairs and will accommodate future installation of wall mounted (rather than mobile) equipment used to take patients’ vital statistics. The new rooms create a more comfortable environment and the updated facilities reflect the high-tech treatments delivered at RCC.

Hug Wraps Small

Hug Wraps: These unique, front-opening gowns are designed as an alternative to traditional hospital gowns. Created with the unique needs of breast cancer patients in mind, these kimono-style wraps provide comfort and dignity to those undergoing treatment. Donations to the RCC Foundation recently purchased an additional 15 Hug Wraps for local patients.