Key Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Key Questions To Ask Your Doctor During Your Visit

Ask The Doctor

What type of cancer do I have?

  • What stage is my cancer?

What is the standard treatment you recommend for my type and stage of cancer?

  • What is the goal of the treatment you are recommending?

What are the benefits of these treatments?

  • What are the risks?
  • How should I expect to feel during treatment(s)?
  • What side effects, if any, can I expect to have?

Are there clinical trials for my type and stage of cancer?

  • Where can I learn more about a clinical trial?

Who will be on my treatment team?

  • Who is a key nurse or doctor with whom I can talk if there’s a problem?

What services are available to help me and my family to cope with treatment?

How will you ‘measure’ the effectiveness of treatment?

Are there other questions I should be asking?