Preparing For Your Visits

What To Expect From Your First Visits

There is plenty of free parking and wheel chairs are available.

Fresh fruit and hot coffee are out at all times for visitors to enjoy.

Your first visit will last 1-2 hours.

It is common for additional x-rays or tests to be ordered or done on the first visit.

Before seeing the doctor you will meet with our registration staff and financial counselor.

The Regional Cancer Center does not turn away patients because they are unable to pay. We have a financial assistance / community care policy to assist those in need.

Co-payments are due at the time of service.

Payments are made at the registration desk.

Each patient has a treatment plan designed especially for them.

Tests, treatments and timing of such activities vary for every patient.

You will not see your physician every visit. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants called physician extenders manage your care along with your doctor.

Because they work closely and are in regular contact with your doctor the extenders are truly an extension of his/her practice and your doctor is confident in the care they provide you.

Our social workers are available to help you with any non-medical concerns.

Social workers provide assistance with transportation issues, opportunities for support groups, educational resources, community agencies and home health care.

The dietitian has expertise in cancer nutrition.

Good nutrition is especially important for people with cancer.

Pharmacists here have specialized knowledge of cancer drugs.

The pharmacists are available to discuss any aspect of drug therapy, possible side effects and interactions. For your convenience, medications prescribed by our physicians can be filled at The RCC pharmacy.

All new patients are screened for possible enrollment in clinical trials coordinated by our research department.

You will be fully informed of any opportunities for research participation, which is voluntary.

Test results can take up to a week to be processed and analyzed.

Test results are reviewed at your next appointment or can sometimes be given to you over the telephone. All of your test results are reviewed by your doctor.

For your convenience, snacks and lunch items are for sale in the vending machine area located off the main waiting room.

The vending area is located behind the registration/check-in area. Coffee and fresh fruit are always available to patients and visitors at no charge.