What to Expect From a Clinical Trial

What to expect from participation in clinical research at RCC

  • New patients are screened for possible enrollment in clinical trials coordinated through our research department. Research nurses, working with treating physicians, identify opportunities and present options to patients for consideration.
  • Clinical trial participation includes a thorough consent process; research nurses work closely with patients while they consider participation and also follow their progress personally during treatment.
  • Participating in a trial may or may not improve a patient’s health but will help answer questions about what treatment is best.

Who qualifies for clinical trials?

Patients must meet strict eligibility requirements such as the histology of the cancer, stage of cancer and being free from other health problems to qualify. The research team and your doctor identify you as a potential candidate and will ensure you meet eligibility.

Who do I go to in order to find out more about clinical trials outside RCC?

You can speak with a research nurse or your doctor. They can get you started on the right track to look for a trial that may interest you.