Cancers By Type

While some cancer diagnoses are best served with a multi-specialty approach that includes evaluations from a variety of clinical perspectives, others are best managed by a single physician.

The Regional Cancer Center is home to a dedicated oncology team who bring extensive expertise in cancer care to each patient’s treatment plan. Just as no two people are the same, no two cancers are the same. Beginning at the time of referral, consideration is given to determine the providers, care and resources that will best meet each patient’s individual needs.

For patients whose diagnosis calls for consultation and possible treatment with both drug therapy and radiation therapy, care providers at The RCC collaborate to determine the best treatments and sequencing of therapies. Appointments involving specialists from both service lines are coordinated and electronic medical record systems make patients’ clinical information available to all care providers in real time.

For every patient at The RCC there is a team of highly trained and experienced people working full time caring for just cancer patients. In addition to the oncologists, oncology certified nurses and registered radiation technologists, supportive care professionals such as oncology social workers and dietician work with the treatment team to further enhance the patient’s experience.