Hematology/Blood Disorders

Not all patients who receive care at Regional Cancer Center (RCC) have cancer.

Patients with non-malignant blood disorders benefit from the special training of the Center’s hematology physicians. 

Hematologists are doctors who specialize in the treatment of blood diseases. Because expertise in issues of the blood is critical to treating cancer patients with drug therapy, all medical oncologists are trained in hematology. Physician expertise in hematology enables treatment of a number of blood-related medical problems such as anemias and coaglulation-type disorders. These may not be cancer-related illnesses. Hematology practices are also critical to the treatment of malignant systemic (or blood-related) diseases such as leukemia, multiple myleoma and certain lymphomas. Several RCC physicians have completed an additional year of training and passed specialty boards in hematology.

For more information about non-malignant hematologic conditions visit the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Index of Blood Diseases and Disorders.