Medication Administration


Depending on the treatment you and your Physician have chosen for your diagnosis, the medication can be administered in several ways:

  • Medication may be taken by mouth, injection into muscle, under skin, or into a vein.
  • Some agents are administered into the spinal canal or abdominal cavity.
  • Length of treatment time varies depending on drugs used and medication regimen.
  • Duration of treatment depends on the type of cancer being treated and medication regimen used, as well as response to therapy.
  • Medication doses and schedules may need to be changed during the course of treatment.
  • Doses are calculated specifically for each patient.
  • Most agents are given intravenously or orally.
  • For long-term therapy and agents given via continuous infusion pump over several days, an access device (indwelling catheter, Mediport or PICC line) may be necessary and is removed after therapy.
  • Most patients receive treatment in the Infusion Area.
  • Some patients may require hospitalization for treatments.
  • Some patients may take medications at home.