Medical and Radiation Oncology

Medical Oncology and Breast Cancer

Medical oncologists with expertise in breast cancer offer a full range of chemotherapy and biologic targeted therapies for all types and stages of breast cancer. Patients have access to the latest therapies and clinical trials. For women with certain early-stage breast cancers Oncotype DXR can be used as a diagnostic test that contributes to treatment planning. When appropriate, patients are placed on a clinical pathway, a disease-specific treatment strategy developed by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center physicians, to ensure that all patients receive the same evidence-based care. Innovative and promising clinical trial options are pursued along with the best standard of care therapies.

Radiation Oncology and Breast Cancer

Radiation oncologists at The Regional Cancer Center are experienced in the use of conventional radiotherapy, 3D radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT). For certain cases, brachytherapy (internal radiation) may be prescribed. Brachytherapy involves the use of radiation-producing materials placed inside the body to attack cancer. The radiation oncologist leads a team of professionals that administers the high dose rates using a Nucleotron. When brachytherapy is used in the treatment of breast cancer it is sometimes referred to as partial breast irradiation.

Our Breast Cancer Radiation Oncologists

Conrad J. Stachelek, MD, PhD

Clinical Director