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Together they became stronger.

Barb Guelcher, Patient

Barb Guelcher

Barb Guelcher can tell you first hand of the fear and anxiety that swept over her when she was diagnosed with cancer. Over the years she had accompanied others to the Regional Cancer Center for their treatment. But something was very different about walking through the center’s front door as a patient herself.

“I was challenged,” she admits. “The fear of it all was very difficult for me. It really bothered me that after treatment the cancer could still come back.”

Coping with the personal effects of cancer therapy was much more than Barb expected. After surgery and radiation therapy she was prescribed an estrogen blocking drug that was particularly tough on her. Barb was struggling and grateful to meet RCC’s Survivorship Navigator, who introduced her to supportive programs that helped her cope.

“In the groups I learned to replace my anxiety with a new activity that gave me something to look forward to,” she said. Barb met people who understood and could relate to her fear. Together they became stronger despite their cancer.