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Lung Cancer Won't Stop Mark From Singing

Mark Stockhausen, Patient

Mark Stockhausen

Making music is Mark Stockhausen’s passion, so much so he never stopped making music even as he was treated aggressively for Stage III Small Cell Lung Cancer. His daughter, Anne, smiles and says, “I think his exact words were, ‘if I’m going down, I’m going down with shows on the books.’ "

Mark’s treatment began immediately after his diagnosis in July. While treatment made him tired, he remained very active singing and playing instruments in his acoustic, classic rock duo, “Cheap n Easy.” 

He found singing and playing to be a welcome break from thoughts of cancer and treatment. Led Zepplin’s Going to California is a favorite. At the time of his diagnosis Anne and her father had a very real understanding of the seriousness of Mark’s situation, “Dr. Rothman was very clear with us,” they said. This reality made the recent good news Mark got all the sweeter — a PET scan showed that treatment with chemo and radiation therapies had shrunk his tumor by 90-95% — a remarkable response. Now that’s something to sing about.