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Forever grateful for the expert care

Wanda Wilcox, Patient

Wanda Wilcox

“There are times when I don’t even know how I made it,” she recalls about a time when she could not lie on her stomach because of pain from a tumor in her chest. That was four years and two cancers ago.

Wanda Wilcox will be forever grateful for the expert cancer care she received close to home atRCC. With 24 grandchildren, their families and foster grandchildren who count on her, Wanda is not the only one who is grateful for her good health. Wanda beat a tough disease 4 years ago but returned recently with new symptoms.

“The pain level was off the charts,” she shares. Dr. Jan Rothman thought it was a recurrence, but remarkably, it was a brand new, unrelated cancer. Her bone biopsy revealed a rare form of multiple myeloma. Her chemotherapy required treatment sessions that were 5-6 hours long. Wanda was grateful to be close to home. Her daughter and husband were able to join her for each treatment. “We all jitterbugged with the nurses after my last treatment,” Wanda laughs. “I have pictures! It was a long road but today I feel great. This place is fantastic. When they told me I was cancer-free all I could do was cry…all the way back to Corry.”