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Don’t freak out, put together a plan.

Jim Roddy, Patient


Jim Roddy

At age 32, Jim Roddy was not only promoted to Operations Manager of Jameson Publishing, he was also diagnosed with colon cancer.

Jim just didn’t feel right prior to his diagnosis. After being told not to worry about the blood in his stool, he continued to do research on his symptoms. At work Jim talked with a new hire, Barbara, about his symptoms knowing that Barbara’s mother was a nurse manager for a local gastroenterology practice. After a colonoscopy, it was Barbara’s mother that called Jim to tell him he had colon cancer.

Jim decided to take the motto of his college basketball coach, Bob Dukiet, and “Act like a surgeon -- don’t freak out, put together a plan.” Jim set out interviewing doctors and doing research on what was best for him. He decided Dr. Cohen of The Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Rothman at The Regional Cancer Center were the best fit. The doctors worked closely together to bring Jim “world renowned care in Erie, PA.”

He says, “It’s important to not jump at the first treatment or alternative available to you. Research, find the care that is best for you, not just the fastest care.” Jim found the best care at RCC. “The staff is great technically and emotionally; they’ll put a smile on your face and offer great support. You know you’re in good hands.”

Jim’s experience and background in hiring led him to publish a book entitled “Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer.” After his promotion, Jim was off work for 6 weeks and had 9 months of chemotherapy; it was difficult for him to fully apply himself. “You have to put the right team in place to elevate the workplace. Cancer put this into perspective for me.” Jim’s co-workers, specifically Barbara, gave Jim encouragement and stepped in to help at work. Barbara later became Jim’s wife and he says, “the best hire I ever made.”

For more of Jim’s story and to learn about hiring lessons and recruitment strategies, visit www.HireLikeYouJustBeatCancer.