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Diagnosed with Stage III Colorectal Cancer at 35

Angela Janosky, Patient

Angela Janosky

Angela Janosky

“I was 35 years old when I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer,” says Angela Janosky. Now 38, in three short years Angela has also come to battle breast and cervical cancers and a second round, this time stage IV, of colorectal cancer. “I know I’m not the norm but cancer doesn’t know any gender, any age, any race…it just happens,” she says.

Her relationship with her clinical team at RCC quickly became very important to her. “I’m kind of an information monger so the more information I can gather, the better,” Angela explains. “Dr. Marsh and Dr. Kovacs, even Chelle, my nurse, respected that. They were more than willing to share information and very willing to accept that communication back from me so it was definitely a give and take relationship.”

After finishing her final chemotherapy in November she finally got the news she’s been waiting for: She’s cancer-free.

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