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How could cancer be in a body this strong?

Trill Dreistadt, Patient

Trill Dreistadt

Like most patients Trill Dreistadt was surprised by her cancer diagnosis. Trill’s family history, lifestyle and health status certainly did not lead logically to the path her breast cancer led her down. Her passion for running, competition and an active lifestyle left her wondering “how could cancer be in a body this strong?”

After her family doctor found a lump during a routine annual exam, Trill focused her energies on staying strong and positive. Her philosophy for living life served her well during treatment. She didn’t let up on her running and training and even continued in a variety of competitions. In February 2013, she participated in the Erie area QUAD ski race in the midst of radiation therapy for her breast cancer. She placed second overall in her age group in the four part QUAD competition, even though both the run and ski races occurred after her diagnosis.

Trill firmly believes “anybody who stays strong or becomes stronger – physically, emotionally, in any way – during their cancer experience will find that strength to help them through their treatment.”