A Face of RCC

I always do my monthly self exams but did not feel what the test showed.

Even though Darya Moore didn’t have health insurance she knew how important it was to get her annual mammogram. Her doctor at Community Health Net helped her get the breast cancer screening on RCC’s mobile mammography vehicle at no cost to her. News that the mammogram showed a suspicion of cancer put Darya “in a tailspin.”

We're both cancer survivors!

Married 31 years, Rich and Jean Wise have each had the experience of being both cancer patient and caregiver at home. “Our marriage vows are, in sickness and in health, so we were there for each other, through it all,” says Jean.

Don’t freak out, put together a plan.

At age 32, Jim Roddy was not only promoted to Operations Manager of Jameson Publishing, he was also diagnosed with colon cancer. He says, “It’s important to not jump at the first treatment or alternative available to you. Research, find the care that is best for you, not just the fastest care.”

Faith and hope get me through the day.

After receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer in March 2012, RCC’s Dr. Andrew Figura told Robert Noonan “We’ll take care of you, everything will be ok.” With his wife and daughters calling the shots, Robert began his 44 radiation therapy treatments, driving in from Union City each day. “Regional Cancer Center has given me life, it means everything to me."

Forever grateful for the expert care

​“There are times when I don’t even know how I made it,” she recalls about a time when she could not lie on her stomach because of pain from a tumor in her chest. That was four years and two cancers ago.