Administrative Leadership

Regional Cancer Center's Executive Director

Michael Keyes

Executive Director

Thoughts from the Executive Director

Executive Director, Michael Keyes, shares his thoughts on leading RCC:

RCC: A 501( C )(3) Organization

The RCC was established in 1987, it is a 501(C)(3) organization. We are a free-standing, not for profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors, nine trustees, three each from the tertiary care hospitals, Saint Vincent and UPMC Hamot, and then three from the community at large. Saint Vincent and UPMC Hamot collaborate on RCC as equal partners.  

An In-Network Provider

We serve as the outpatient cancer service for both tertiary care hospitals, Saint Vincent and UPMC Hamot. We are in-network providers for both of the major commercial insurance programs in the community, Highmark and UPMC Health Plan. It’s rare for a community of our size to have the sophisticated services that are available here at RCC.  It’s that collaboration that has allowed us to keep that very high level of care.

RCC's Coordinator of Wellness and Community Education

In our mission statement it states that we provide comprehensive care but our definition goes beyond treatment.  Cancer is a journey.  It starts with education, prevention, wellness, early diagnosis and yes treatment, but then survivorship or life after the diagnosis and treatment.  So we have created a new position in the organization, the Coordinator of Wellness and Community Education and a set of services and programs that will help us educate our patients and their caregivers on coping strategies to deal with the fear of recurrence, anxiety and depression that can sometimes go along with being a survivor.

A Community Cancer Prevention Program

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country, surpassed only by heart disease.  For women, one in three will be diagnosed with cancer during their life-time.  For men, it’s one in two.  Most people are not aware, however, that over one-third of all cancers could be prevented.