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Class Evaluation

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Please take a few minutes and complete the below survey so we can continue to grow our program and offer the classes that appeal to you and other patients, survivors, and support persons.

If you prefer to mail in your evaluation, please click here to download a survey.

Mail your completed survey to:
Regional Cancer Center
Attn: Sarah Humphrey
2500 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16505

Wellness for Life Class Evaluation

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Did the instructor greet you and make you feel welcome when you arrived?

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Did the class meet your expectations, based on the description of the class?

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The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject and was able to effectively convey information to her/his students.

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The instructor's voice was effective in motivating, exciting, calming, etc., as appropriate to the moment.

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I would return to another class taught by this instructor.

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Are there any classes YOU would like to see offered through the Wellness for Life program?

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