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Second Annual Wellness Fair

Aug 25, 2016 | Posted in News

The Regional Cancer Center (RCC) plans to host its second annual Wellness Fair to bring awareness to the Wellness for Life (WFL) programs offered at the Center. The fair will take place on Wednesday, September 7th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in RCC’s Main Conference Room.

Since February 2014, RCC has offered this program, which continues to grow by offering new classes to patients to provide additional support and knowledge needed during and after treatment. WFL was created by Sarah Humphrey, a nurse of 20 years and RCC’s Survivorship Navigator/Wellness and Community Education Coordinator.

“We are excited about our upcoming Fall Wellness for Life Fair. This fair will allow our patients to acquire information and experience wellness demonstrations that will help them better their mind-body-spirit health,” says Humphrey. “Instructors from our fall calendar will be present to discuss their classes and programs.”

Guests at the fair will be provided with class information, experience some brief demonstrations, and have the opportunity to sign up for classes. Some of the class instructors and vendors at the event will be offering giveaways, providing samples of their product, and presenting demonstrations of what their classes will be like. Light fare and beverages will also be provided.

The classes are offered at various times and are intended to provide ongoing support for past and present patients. Some of the classes available include qigong, knitting/crochet, massage, and reiki, to name a few. A lecture series will also be provided. This series will discuss side effects of treatment, fatigue, proper nutrition, and legal concerns, among others.

“We hope our patients, and their support persons, will join us for a light lunch, great conversation and an opportunity to learn how incorporating these programs into their life will help manage stress and support emotional well being,” says Humphrey.

The goal is to continue to grow the WFL program within RCC and outside in the Erie community. The brochure of classes offered changes every four months and is available throughout the center as well as on our website:

Anyone living with cancer, or is a caregiver, is welcome to attend the fair and sign up for classes completely free of charge, no matter what stage of cancer he or she may be in.

There is no need to RSVP. Any further questions or concerns may be addressed by calling 814-838-0424.

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