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Regional Cancer Center Seeking Submissions for Book

Jul 29, 2016 | Posted in News

Regardless of the frame of reference -- the experience of Cancer provides a unique storytelling viewpoint. Whether seen through the lens of a patient or family member, survivor or caregiver, any experience provides critical information to those who have experienced this disease.

The Regional Cancer Center is currently seeking submissions for the creation of an all-encompassing book for the entire Cancer community and beyond.

Rebecca Styn, RCC’s Foundation Director, is leading the project along with several others from the Center.

“Ultimately, we plan to publish a book filled with a variety of resources - experiences of loss or survivorship, words of advice, coping mechanisms, teaching points and even healthy recipes for those that are undergoing treatment,” says Styn.

In the end, the RCC hopes to provide a unique narrative which can be shared with everyone.

“Submissions can come from anyone who has had an experience with Cancer. Patients, survivors, family members, caregivers, physicians, nurses, social workers, etc…there is not one defined person,” says Styn.

Individuals do not need to be patients at the RCC or reside in Erie. Cancer affects everyone far and wide, and the purpose is to showcase that while reinforcing the fact that nobody is alone in the fight against this disease.

Anyone interested may present a brief outline of an idea, no more than 300 words or less, which can be submitted online at, via email to, or by mail to: Attn: Rebecca Styn, 2500 W. 12th Street, Erie, PA 16505. The deadline to submit is September 15th.

Further details may be found at the website listed above. If you do have an idea for a submission and would prefer to call to speak in person, please reach us at 814-838-0424.

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