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Announcing the William A. Schaal, Jr. and Sr. Endowment Fund of the RCC Foundation

Jan 11, 2016 | Posted in News


The Regional Cancer Center Foundation is pleased to announce the William A. Schaal, Jr. and Sr. Endowment Fund.

William A. Schaal, Sr. established the fund with a $100,000 gift in honor of his late son, William A. Schaal, Jr. His gift is combined with a $75,000 planned gift from the estate of William Schaal, Jr., made to RCCF in January 2015.

During his treatment at RCC, Bill Schaal, Jr. observed other patients in the treatment area who needed support services beyond their drug therapy. Bill was aware that members of RCC’s ancillary services team – social workers, palliative care nurses, a nutritionist, financial counselor and others – helped patients with quality of life needs that arose as a result of their cancer experience. Appreciating the value of patient support services, Bill, Jr. was inspired to arrange for a bequest to invest in their continuation.

Bill Schaal, Sr., inspired by his son’s story and generosity, has joined in the spirit of his son’s bequest with his own gift to create this new $175,000 endowment. The William A. Schaal Jr. and Sr. Endowment Fund is established to support patients during their cancer experience through programs and services that extend beyond cancer treatment to positively impact quality of life.

The Regional Cancer Center Foundation serves the Regional Cancer Center in a supportive role, raising funds to ensure an extra level of excellence in care and treatment for patients in the Erie region. More information is available at

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