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Holiday tasks have your tinsel in a tangle?

Dec 04, 2014 | Posted in News

Holiday Stress

Try the stress relievers you learned as a child!

Take a nap

Wake to mental and physical refreshment, a burst of productivity, and an improved mood.

Hug someone you love

A hug can defuse strong emotions, lower blood pressure, and warm your heart.

Sing a song

On your own or with others, singing is a great way to breathe deeply, reduce tension, and lift your spirits.

Make believe

Putting yourself in someone else’s place can help you understand their perspective and solve your problems.

Make something

Whether your medium is wood, yarn, snow, or cookie batter, creative self-expression can help you feel pride, connect with others, and relieve stress.

Put on a happy face

Smile from ear to ear. Now just try to think mean or sad thoughts.


Treat your mind to a mini-vacation; active play’s good for your body, too.

Take a time-out

Spend a few quiet moments alone. Take several deep “belly” breaths. Ahhhh…. Now what was the problem?

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