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Oct 25, 2013 | Posted in Step 2: Planning To Quit?

SymptomHow I Will Cope
Sudden craving for a cigaretteTake a few deep breaths; Brush my teeth
Feeling irritableTake a few deep breaths; Take a hot bath
Trouble sleepingAvoid caffeine in the late afternoon and evening; Call my doctor
Trouble concentratingTake a walk outside; Take a break; Lighten my schedule for a few days; Remind myself that this will pass in a few days
SleepinessGet plenty of sleep; Try to be more active; Take a nap during the day if possible
Indigestion, gas or constipationDrink plenty of fluids; Make sure I’m getting enough fiber from foods like raw vegetables, fruit, and whole grains; Try to get more exercise; Ask my doctor about over-the-counter medicines that might help
Cough or a runny noseRemind myself that these things are signs that my body is starting to repair itself from damage caused by smoking and that they’ll go away within a few weeks

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