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Planning To Quit Part 1: The Best Method For You

Oct 25, 2013 | Posted in Step 2: Planning To Quit?

Here are some popular alternatives that have helped people stop smoking successfully:

Nicotine Replacement \ Therapy (NRT) — Patches, Gum, Inhalers, Nasal Sprays, Lozenges

Using NRT products just about double your chances of success. NRT helps ease the physical withdrawal from smoking by reducing the physical craving for nicotine when you stop smoking. Many of the products are available without a prescription. Your doctor or health care provider can help you decide which is best for you.


Available by prescription only, Chantix is a pill that helps lessen the urge to smoke. It is not a nicotine replacement. It works on the parts of the brain that control the desire to smoke and is used in combination with a stop smoking program (education materials, support groups, and counseling). Your doctor can help you decide if Chantix is right for you.

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